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Fully comprehensive service for our corporate clients

In cooperation with the Interlanguage language centre BAC and Co. offers a wide range of services and trainings, and undertakes consultancy activity in the fields of human resources management and corporate law.

Language courses

The professional work and quality of the education is guaranteed by the accreditation of the school by FAT (Adult Education Committee). The institution mainly offers corporate and public language courses, we have provided 40 multinational and Hungarian companies with language training since 2006.

Procedure for corporate language courses

General description


 All 33 languages taught in the centre

Our company offers corporate language courses on-site, in and outside Budapest. All 33 languages taught in the centre (Arabic, Chinese,  Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu) are offered within this framework too. Foreign representatives of international companies may take advantage of our courses where different mediating languages are used depending on the choice of the participant.

The teachers of our corporate courses hold classes on-site or in other locations specified by the commissioning company. (Corporate courses may be held at the headquarter of InterLanguage in Képíró Office House if required).

Examples of Possible Arrangements

  • One-to-one or group tutoring
  • Courses at all levels, from beginner to advanced
  • Exam preparation courses
  • General and specialized language courses, with topics such as medical, business, economy, financial, academic, air travel, agriculture, engineering, as well as courses specifically focusing on speaking skills, writing skills, business communication, or presentation techniques, etc.

Procedure of corporate courses


  • Concluding the Service Agreement.
  • Delivering the information about the trainings to the applicants and getting the application forms filled in.
  • Receiving the results of the assessment tests of the students from the institution.
  • Making a proposal to the Client regarding the formation of the learning groups on the basis of the result of the assessment.
  • Agreeing on the timetable for the classes with the client.
  • Finalizing the training programs and developing the syllabus on the basis of the objectives approved by the client and of the number of classes available in the predetermined timeframe.
  • Buying the required teaching material.
  • Drafting and concluding the Adult Education Agreement with the participants.

Procedure of the training

  • Starting the training courses in accordance with the commencement time and schedule approved with the Client.
  • Keeping an attendance sheet and writing a progress report of the classes held.
  • Regular, monthly assessment of the level of knowledge of the participants during the course by writing tests.
  • Regular reporting on the result of the tests to the Client.
  • Assessing client satisfaction several times during the course and then integrating any arising needs or individual requests into the course work.
  • Providing the required information to the institution carrying out the internal final exam and then receiving the results of the final exam.

Concluding the training

  • Written evaluation concerning the participants on the basis of the final exams, the results of the monthly tests and class performance.
  • We issue and provide a Certificate to the participants.
  • Mandatory statistical data supply concerning the trainings.


One of the specialties of the trainings and services offered by Interlanguage Language Centre is their ability to meet all the needs of foreigners visiting or living in Hungary which might arise in relation to language, culture and lifestyle. We have created the trainings below with these objectives in mind.


Which service providers can you communicate with in English? (foreign and Hungarian service sectors, the cost of services)

What should you do in Hungary when you have a free day/weekend? Where and how should you travel? (sights, things to do in Budapest, Hungary)

What are the curiosities of Budapest/ Hungary? (specialties of Budapest/ Hungary)

How can you stay healthy? (sports facilities and hiking routes, healthy eating in Hungary)

What should you do if you are ill? (health care services for foreigners in Hungary)

The language of the training is optional: Hungarian or English

The price includes the tuition fee and the training script.



If you would like to learn Hungarian but you have not yet decided to start – or if you are already learning Hungarian but you would like to know more about the particularities of Hungarian language,

If you would like to learn more about the history of Hungary, if you would like to know why the bells ring every day at noon in Hungary,

If you are interested in Hungarian traditions, habits, if you want to know why we paint red eggs at Easter

If you would like to read Hungarian literature, to go to art exhibitions or listen to music composed by Hungarian composers,

If you would like to know how Hollywood is related to Hungarians,

If you are curious to know which of the objects you use were invented by Hungarians,

If you want to take a gift home but cannot decide what is considered a Hungaricum, what is authentic and what is not,

The language of the training is optional: Hungarian or English

The price includes the tuition fee, a wine tasting event and the training script.

Our intercultural trainings offer help on how to build successful international business relationships.

Communication between international business cultures

If you want to bridge the difference arising from cultural differences, to promote the establishment of successful relationships and to ensure long-term partnerships, apply for our courses.

We have compiled a training course which prepares for an international job interview for those who wish to be employed by a multinational company.

We offer our courses particularly for those people who want to find a job at a multinational company and for those who would like find employment abroad.  Our course gives detailed insight into the preparatory stage prior to the job interview, introduces the job interview types, and prepares to the successful participation at the interview. The course introduces the national particularities of the culture of the workplace and the protocol of the workplace. At the end of the course we provide an opportunity for a mock interview.
A training course with a syllabus developed particularly for people starting their careers and for those who wish to change their workplace is also available.

Trainings to learn about the culture of various countries

We offer these trainings to all those who want to learn not only the foreign languages but also the culture, the literature, the habits, the traditions, the history of the language users.

Support program for foreign employees

In cooperation with our partner company, we offer services which make integration and everyday life easier to non-Hungarian speaker foreign employees working in Hungary:

    • Personal assistant providing help in dealing with administration, including the required interpretation tasks,
    • Legal support,
    • Organizing programs and travel, etc.
    • Providing help in connection with the everyday life of family members, e.g.: enrolling children to school, leisure time activities, shopping, etc.


Our international recruitment company – in cooperation with our partner companies – offers help to multinational companies or for people who want to find a job for which foreign employees are required in various countries. In accordance with the requirements of the clients, following the successful job interview, we offer language training to the employees and prepare the employee for the acquisition of the basic language skills required by the employer and necessary for the performance of the job in any of the 35 languages offered by our institution.

HR consultancy

Services offered by our partner company:

– process review/ document review

– trainings

– HR and labor law systems

-carrier path system

-remuneration system

-communication system

-sick leave policy

-cost cutting

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General legal consultancy

  • Corporate law
  • Labor law

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