Language Services with a Difference

  1. 33 languages are available, including all those from Hungary’s neighbouring countries.
  2. To maintain the highest efficiency in teaching, our language learning groups in Budapest never exceed four students per class.
  3. We offer one-to-one tutoring and provide personalised courses on demand.
  4. We provide language courses for foreigners, using mediating languages other than Hungarian, in every possible combination. This might include German tutoring with English as the mediating language, or Hungarian using French, Spanish with German, etc.
  1. Special professional courses are available. We are proud to offer classes that deal with such topics as business, economy, financial, academic, air travel, agriculture, engineering, oil industry, medical, chemical industry, as well as courses specifically focussing on speaking skills, writing skills, business communication, or presentation techniques
  2. Customised course materials on demand – a customised syllabus is created following a needs assessment. Customised courses might be, for example, intensive brush-up courses, periodical complementary revision tutorials, courses in preparation for travel, etc.
  3. Enrollment for discount courses
  4. Lessons are held in a pleasant atmosphere – with a cup of tea!