Persian Language Course

Information about our language courses:

Levels: from Beginners to Advanced
We offer Persian language courses from Beginners to Advanced levels.

General Persian language and Persian for specific purposes
In our language school students have the opportunity to attend both general language courses and Persian for specific purposes.

Assessment of language skills
Persian language courses are preceded by an assessment of Persian language skills with the exception of Beginners courses.

Individual teaching and small groups
We offer Persian language teaching in individual courses and in small groups (groups of 2 or 3-6 students).

Courses start: continuously all year
We start our Persian language courses continuously all year depending on the number of applicants.
Our individual Persian language courses start within one week from application.

Number of lessons
The number of lessons in a Persian language course unit for groups is 30 lessons (30 x 45 minutes).
For individual courses the number of lessons is specified on the basis of the needs of the student.

Timetable: flexible
We always set the timetable of the Persian language courses with the consideration of the needs of the participants.

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Discounts: 5% or 7%
For Persian language courses which are held in small groups we offer 5% discount for each person when 2 persons apply together and 7% discount for each person when 3-4 persons apply together.

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Persian courses for specific purposes
Among our Persian language courses we also offer courses for specific and professional purposes, to mention a few of them:

  • courses preparing for language examinations
  • courses preparing for  university studies held in Persian language
  • courses preparing for  an Persian language job interview
  • courses offering professional language skills for medical, business, economic, and tourism sectors
  • courses offering information about Persian
  • courses for  tourists planning to visit Persian speaking areas

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Special offer for people who do not speak any Hungarian
We offer Persian language courses for people who do not speak any Hungarian. In this case the language of instruction if English, French, etc. depending on the needs of the participant.

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Corporate Persian language courses
We also offer Persian language courses for companies.
Our efficient and successful corporate Persian language courses are offered continuously for companies at any location designated by the company, both in Budapest and in other locations.

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If you learn Persian you will have the opportunity to meet and talk to many Persian people!

Join the group of Persian speakers or improve your Persian language skills! Use Persian with your friends, during your travels, at work and in your business relationships!