Swedish Language Course

Intensive Swedish language courses for health professionals


Basic objective

Successful legitimation is indispensable for working in Sweden. In the legitimation process, evidence will have to be provided on Level C1 Swedish language knowledge.

This result-oriented course offers an opportunity to achieve Level C1 language skills in a time-efficient manner.


Presentation of the courses

  • Acquiring stable language skills to use during employment in Sweden.
  • Teaching general and medical Swedish.
  • Developing language skills (speaking, writing, listening, reading) and grammar, and teaching general and medical vocabulary, to meet Level C1 standards.
  • Custom-made courses taking the students’ medical specialities into account.
  • Presentation of the structure and functioning of the Swedish healthcare system.
  • Introduction to the country, culture, standards, traditions, etc. of Sweden.
  • Internal assessments: tests and level examinations, as well as a final examination at Level C1.
  • High-quality training provided by experienced and highly qualified teachers and native coaches.


Details of the courses

Forms of the courses:

  • Classroom trainings in the language training institution in Budapest
  • on-line courses

Types of the courses:

  • one-to-one courses
  • in groups of 2-6 students


Training institution

  • InterLanguage Language School
  • Over 8 years of experience in teaching medical Swedish. More than 60 successfully trained groups.
  • Certificates of final examination issued by this institution are accepted in the Swedish legitimation process.
  • Contact details: info@interlanguage.hu


Information about our Swedish language courses


Forms of the courses

  • Classroom trainings in the language training institution in Budapest.
  • Online courses in a distance learning method. The participant attends the lessons similarly to a classroom lesson by using a webcamera and a microphone.

Levels: from Beginners to Advanced
We offer Swedish language courses from Beginners to Advanced levels.

General Swedish language and Swedish for specific purposes
In our language school students have the opportunity to attend both general language courses and Swedish for specific purposes.

Assessment of language skills
Swedish language courses are always preceded by a free* assessment of Swedish language skills with the exception of Beginners courses.

*if you register for the course

Individual teaching and small groups
We offer Swedish language teaching in individual courses and in small groups (groups of 2 or 3-6 students).

Courses start: continuously all year
We start our Swedish language courses continuously all year depending on the number of applicants.
Our individual Swedish language courses start within one week from application.

Number of lessons
The number of lessons in a Swedish language course unit for groups is 32 lessons (32×45 minutes).
For individual courses the number of lessons is specified on the basis of the needs of the student.

Timetable: flexible
We always set the timetable of the Swedish language courses with the consideration of the needs of the participants.

For more information: Residential language courses menu option

Discounts: 5% or 7%
For Swedish language courses which are held in small groups we offer 5% discount for each person when 2 persons apply together and 7% discount for each person when 3-4 persons apply together.

For more information: Concessions menu option

Swedish courses for specific purposes
Among our Swedish language courses we also offer courses for specific and professional purposes, to mention a few of them:

  • courses preparing for language examinations
  • courses preparing for university studies held in Swedish language
  • courses preparing for an Swedish language job interview
  • courses offering professional language skills for medical, business, economic, and tourism sectors
  • courses offering information about Swedish
  • courses for tourists planning to visit Swedish speaking areas

For more information: Residential courses 

Special offer for people who do not speak any Hungarian
We offer Swedish language courses for people who do not speak any Hungarian. In this case the language of instruction is in English, French, etc. depending on the needs of the participant.

For more information Language courses for people who do not speak Hungarian menu option

Corporate Swedish language courses
We also offer Swedish language courses for companies.
Our efficient and successful corporate Swedish language courses are offered continuously for companies at any location designated by the company, both in Budapest and in other locations.

For more information:  Corporate business language courses menu option

If you learn Swedish you will have the opportunity to meet and talk to many Swedish people!

Join the group of Swedish speakers or improve your Swedish language skills! Use Swedish with your friends, during your travels, at work and in your business relationships!